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1 post from November 2004

IE is annoying.

Grrrrrr. I officially hate Internet Explorer.
My entire site validates as XHTML 1.1 and works... in all browsers except MSIE6. So I have to keep it at XHTML 1.0 (strict) until Microsoft finally realise they need to update their browser. It might have 93% of the market, but it has nowhere near 93% potential. I have no idea why they don't update it, if they still want to be market leader they have to be the best, right?
Well, they're not... simple as that. The only reason anyone uses IE is cos it's built into Windows. I highly doubt people would use it otherwise.

Aaaanyway. Enough rambling. I'm not that fussed about my coding anyway... No... Well, not really.
*Cough*get firefox*cough*

Hmmmmm did I say that? XD