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1 post from February 2005

I hate Dreamweaver.

I really don't know how I used to cope with using pagebuilders. Seriously... I'm having to use Dreamweaver for an assignment and it is really REALLY annoying me. Whenever I want to code stuff manually (which I prefer to do anyway, instead of rooting through all the menus to find the thing I want) it adds stupid tags in that don't need to be there. Whenever you finish writing a tag it adds in the closing tag. Say for example you forgot to put a link somewhere, so you're typing the <a href="whatever" around the text you want to link. Then you type the final > and straight away it 'helpfully' writes </a> for you. I don't want the </a> there! I want it at the end of my text!!! AAAAAHHH! *beats it*

So yeah, could have got this stupid project finished ages ago if it wasn't for having to use this program. Grrr.
And they say Dreamweaver's the best program out there... Well, I used to use Frontpage (5 years ago!) and although that still holds the crown for Most Annoying Web Page Designing Program (TM, lol!) DW is coming pretty close. It might try to make things easier for me by adding in a bunch of stuff it thinks I need, but at least it makes sure my code is valid and that it's cross-browser compatible. Unlike FP. FP had a habit of putting <font> tags around every single piece of text it could find, and when you tried to define stuff in CSS, it complained.

Ok I'm done.