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3 posts from January 2005


After having written this about my former hosts and current domain registrants, I now find this.

I've therefore submitted a request for them (CP) to transfer my domain to a different registrar.

...The wait begins.

Just my luck

Not been having the greatest of luck today.

I have an assignment due in today. Yesterday I was completely stuck, no idea what to write. I manage in the end, to finish it to a point - then I emailed it to the boyfriend to see if anyone other than myself could make something of it.
He said he'd found of couple of spelling mistakes and recommended some different ways of saying things, and had changed them for me. He would send me the revised copy after his dinner.

Got a text later on in the evening saying his internet was down. Ok. Fine. Great.
Got a text a mere four hours later to say he was back online and would email me my document or send it over msn, whatever.
The msn network was down. Wonderful. (He has a hotmail address, see.) Eventually I got my document back, and went to print it.
...The printer then proceeded to run out of ink halfway through.

Changed the ink cartridge. Printed document again.
...Printer jams. Majorly. Had to almost take it apart to get the paper out.

Got my document printed. Was all happy. Stapled the cover sheet to the first copy. Went to staple my second copy together - stapler jams. Unjam stapler. Stapler has run out of staples. Never mind, I'll do it in the media office tomorrow.

Went to hand in assignment this morning.
...Media office is closed due to noone else having a deadline other than me (it's exam week).
Went to see various people about my options. They said to go back to see some guy.
Went back. Twice. "Some guy" not there.
"He's invigilating an exam," someone said. "He'll be back at 2."

That's great, only I have to hand my thing in before 2.

So, my not-too-good effort will get 10% docked off for being late. Urgh. Need at least 50% on this to pass. Not sure I'll get it.

Heh, I knew it

I've been quite diplomatic about this until recently, but since there is nowhere else to post this I think I will say it here since it really really needs to be said.

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