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1 post from March 2006

Day in the life

I've seen a couple of these floating around the internet, so of course I had to do one myself. :D

Lots of images, give it time to finish downloading!

(Note: Images are described by the text above them).

Get up. Urgh, been awake for half an hour but bed is sooo warm...

Getting up

Get dressed. Time to root through my clothes to see what's decent enough to wear today...

Getting dressed

Breakfast! Cereal with milk it is.


Net time. A bit of computer-ness before I have to leave for uni...

Net time

Time to go. ...time to walk to uni.

Leaving the house

Arriving at uni... 20 minutes of walking later.

Arriving at Uni

Lecture. Discourse Analysis in Media Texts. *Snore*

In a lecture

Seminar. After the lecture, we have a 2 hour seminar in a classroom. ZzzzZZzzzzZzzzz...

Seminar classroom

Finished! Yay! Time to go home!

Going home

Lunchtime... I'm hungry.

Cooking some lunch

Relax. Bit of time in front of the computer to catch up on message boards and the like. :P


Wash up. Yuk. Housework is teh sux0rz!1. *Waits for boyfriend to come home from work*

Washing up

Laundry. ...blah.


Dinner time! Yay! Cheese feast pizza. Mmm.

Dinner time!

Telly! Boyfriend is back now, so we sit down to watch some TV or a film.


Bed time. *Yawn* Early start tomorrow...

Bed time