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15 posts from 2007

I mean, really.

Ok, here's a hypothetical situation. Let's say you're waiting at a very busy roundabout waiting to turn when suddenly your phone rings. Bearing in mind that answering your phone while driving is illegal where you are (UK), do you:

  1. Answer it anyway and keep driving like everyone else seems to do. So what if it's illegal? You are teh 1337 dr1v3r and you will ttly not crash. Srsly.
  2. Leave the phone til you get to somewhere you can stop then call the person back
  3. Stop exactly where you are, turn your engine off, flash your hazards and answer the call

Guess which one I encountered yesterday morning, which added an extra 20 minutes to my journey. Oh yes, it's C. Some woman decided she would stop exactly where she was in the middle of the road, right next to the roundabout, so neither could anyone see what was coming nor could they get past. She just sat there and talked away for a good half an hour or so while people beeped at her and tried to squeeze round her. But nooo, we all had to wait til her oh-so-important call had finished. Sure enough, as soon as she had finished, she drove off again, completely erasing any illusions anyone might have had about her having broken down.

I mean, seriously. What about that phone call was so important that she had to stop there for 20 minutes and block everyone else off?! URGH. Some people really need a good slap. I was hoping someone would have called the police or something but then I'm not sure they would have been able to get through the blocked up traffic even if they had been called, grrr.

In other news, it appears to be Christmas next week. ... I want the person who let that happen to explain exactly what they have done with all my time.

My top 5 Firefox extensions

I've seen a few of these sort of posts around lately, and because I can't think of anything original to blog about disagree with them all, I am going to list my own top 5 extensions you absolutely must have. Because I said so.

  1. Adblock Plus

    I know, I know. It "robs innocent webmasters of their income" or whatever but I never, ever click ads. I don't read them, I don't like them, I disagree with them. I don't mind a text link or something but big banners full of "ZOMG CLICK HERE!!1!1" flashing images = big no. I won't block a text ad, but I will and do block images and Flash ads. If you want me to click things, make them unobtrusive instead of blinding me with flashings from all directions.

  2. URL Link

    I am far too lazy to copy and paste URLs that aren't clickable into my address bar, so this handy extension does it for me. There is a better one but as yet I've not tried it and I'm happy with the one I've got, so I don't know if I'll use it.

  3. HTML Validator

    Because I simply must know whether your site is valid or not. No, really... The most useful thing about this extension is that when you view the source of a page you're working on, it highlights the errors in the source and tells you what's wrong. It'll even tidy the whole thing up for you with one click if you want it to (yes, that's where the extension's library gets its name from - HTML Tidy - because it tidies things up for you. Get it? :P ).

  4. Screengrab!

    This one is probably not as essential if you don't need to do screenshots or anything like that, but basically it will take a screenshot of the entire page, not just the bit that's currently on your screen. I like it since I can screenshot a full page of content (useful for people like me whose printer doesn't work and who want to save the current page they're on - yes, you can do "save page as" or print it to a file, but I think this method is quicker and easier, so that's why I use it).

  5. Tamper Data

    Tamper Data stopped working for me when I upgraded to Firefox 2, but it's a great extension meant for detecting vulnerabilities in scripts. It's got SQL injection and XSS stuff built in and ready to go to test your scripts to the limit. Of course, if you don't write or use scripts or anything then this extension is a bit useless to you.

Of course, there are the other extensions everyone recommends, like the Web Developer Toolbar, NoScript, IE Tab, etc., etc., which are very useful and which I have, but like I said, everyone recommends those so I thought I'd mention some of the lesser-known ones.

Regarding the last entry, yes, I had written an entry about how my house seemed to have accumulated some bedbugs. That entry decided to disappear off the face of the earth and I have no idea why. Anyway, upon closer inspection it appeared the bugs weren't bedbugs, but carpet beetles and pest control won't deal with those without charging us some hugely expensive fee so I've just gone mad with insecticide and we'll see how that turns out. Urgh.

Learning Ruby

Does anyone know of any resources (besides the Hackety Hack program and the official site) that can help me learn Ruby?

That and ASP are my biggest must-learn languages. I've already sort of got to grips with ASP though (VB ftw), but due to IIS being silly I can't actually test anything I've done :P

In other news, are you using the dodosmail form script? If so, did you know that not only is it susceptible to header injection (sending spam through the script to other people), but it is also vulnerable to remote file inclusion (which will get your site hacked, in other words). I've had loads of errors from bots looking to hack me through that script, urgh.
Switch to NL-PHPMail! ;)

Oh look, I've just noticed the date (in dd-mm-yy format) is 09/08/07. Heheheh.

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