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1 post from August 2010

A new(ish) start

So, here we go - a new domain for a new start. I've kept a few entries from the old site that were popular with Google search results, and kept some of the pages too, but most of everything else has been cleared out for a fresh start.

This layout is simple (and has some funnies going on with links...but I'll get to that!), but I think it fits the overall tone of the site from this point. I want to focus on things that interest my readers; I want to talk more about the differences between Chrome and Firefox than the differences of what I had for lunch today and what I had yesterday. People just don't care about that sort of thing!

Anyway. Sit down, grab a drink, make yourself at home. If you want to subscribe to the feed, it's a different URL to the last site (click ye olde orange feed icon, top left) so you will need to resubscribe if you were subscribed before. Sorry about that, but I did want to keep things kind of separate.

So yes, here's to a long and happy web life. :D