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1 post from June 2012

On becoming a parent

In my last entry, I mentioned my pregnancy which, at the time, was still in its very early stages. It wasn't the easiest pregnancy to start with; I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (aka severe morning sickness) and spent much of the first 5 months or so bedridden (and, at one point, in hospital). Fun and games, I tell you. By mid-January, all that finally started to clear up and I was able to start enjoying life again, woo.

Nothing much happened between then and my due date, which was 28th May - several other people who were due around the same time as me had their babies and mine stayed put. I didn't mind too much - other than the random hot weather making things uncomfortable, it was not difficult to deal with for the most part. So imagine my surprise (well, I knew what was coming, but thought it might be a while off yet) when I went into labour on Friday 1st June. I'd known for a while that baby was facing back to back; I was warned that this makes for difficult labours and that I should do my best to get baby turned around, so had been bouncing on a birth ball and doing various exercises for weeks in preparation, but it seems none of that worked :(

So yep, back-to-back-baby labour is extremely painful :P I was assured baby would turn in labour, but that didn't happen either - so after 18 hours of mucho pain (and no pain relief until 7cm dilated too - go me! Not by choice, mind...), I had to have some assistance. Our son was eventually born by forceps delivery (not a c-section, which the hospital threatened a few times. YAY) on Saturday 2nd June :)

A week later, this parenting thing is definitely taking some getting used to. I have lost track of days, times, people, things... My life has become a cycle of feeding, changing nappies and grabbing a nap when I can. Yes, this is typical of being a new parent; I fully expected it and am happy(ish. :P) to do it. What I wasn't expecting was the fact that D is a very fussy feeder, and that my recovery from the delivery is very slow going. Both of which are causing frustration at a time when it is really not needed, but with the help of some specialists the former should hopefully be sorted soon and the latter... Well, I'll just have to wait on that one.

I'm just happy to have my little family home and am looking forward to what life has in store for us all :)