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Finding new sites to read

Tell us about three new blogs you found this year. Well in all honesty, I haven't really found any - I blogged a bit about this a while ago, but my general thinking is that the novelty of blogging is wearing off while people use social media instead. A few people I've been following a while have opened new sites, but I wouldn't really class those as new blogs per se.

So with that, I thought I'd share 3 new Twitter accounts I found this year:

  1. @Queen_UK

    I love this account (though not so much their constant book promotion...), it's a parody of the Queen of England (and all the other countries she might happen to be Queen of) which I find quite funny.

  2. @OctoberJones

    If you've ever read Texts from Dog, this is the person who runs that. Love TFD, love this.

  3. @BadJokeCat

    ...I'm sorry, I love the odd terrible joke, and this account provides just that.

Yep, so there you go. I'd have gone into more detail and included examples of their tweets and stuff but apparently I am short on time tonight, soooo there's that. :P

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  1. The novelty of blogging is not wearing off, you're just looking in the wrong place ;p

    Jem's Gravatar Jem on

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