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Jack of all trades, master of none

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Have you ever wondered what your best skill is?

When I think about the things I like doing, there's a recurring theme that I've noticed: I can do a lot of things, but I'm never really any good at them. I mean, I'm ok at them, but I wouldn't like to say they're areas of great strength for me.

When pondering the ideal job question for NaBlo the other day, I mentioned that I don't really know what that is - and it's because of this feeling that I've not really got anything that I consider myself to be awesome at. I wondered if that would magically come to me after taking time away from things to have D, but so far I'm even more unsure!

However, saying that, I have discovered one thing I'm super awesome at, and that's at being me. No one else can be as brilliant as me at that :P Shame no one looks for that as a job though. Hmmm.

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Comments (3)

  1. Oh bog off, you've always been good w/PHP :) You just need to get some practice in with WordPress now so I can offload some of my work on to you ;)

    Jem's Gravatar Jem on

  2. True, I'm ok at PHP (or I was, haven't done any for some time, hah) but all the new stuff sort of escapes me a bit. OOP has always been a bit odd for me to grasp in terms of PHP x_x

    I could do WP back in the day too - I did that old CG theme conversion which (at the time) was quite complicated :P Stopped using it in 2008 though, so it's kind of moved on a lot!

    Amelie's Gravatar Amelie on

  3. This is called a "gamut" of skills and is easily talked up in a resume.

    Welcome to the club ;)

    Here's one that will break your brain. How applicable are you skills in relation to the world around you? For example my particular set of "real" skills is screwed if EMP hit the earth and fried everything. I'd probably have to be a laborer because I have no other employable qualities...

    I'm a good listener, I have a keen eye for metaphors in movies, I'm opinionated and I don't like most people.. I guess i could be a primeminister or president :P

    Mat(Loadx)'s Gravatar Mat(Loadx) on

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