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Doing some housekeeping around here

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Completely reset my web server today, so everything's cleanly installed and freshly reconfigured. Maybe that will inspire me to finish the new theme and CMS upgrade that I've been trying to do for this site for the best part of 2 years?

Wait, this thing still exists?

Apparently I own a website or something? Who knew.

If you're interested at all in The Goings on of Life Chez Amelie, most of the things I planned to do in the last entry have now happened. New job and new life anyway... Just waiting - still - on the new house thing. Plans are in place though!

I also have Grand Plans for this here site but that involves time to rewrite the really rather awful CMS (or convert back to WP) so maybe I'll get round to that in, like, 5 years or something. Or maybe I'll have a nap instead. Mmm nap.

Learning curve

I started out on the web back in 2000, using Geocities' Pagebuilder to make such awesome (read: terrible) things as this... thing. Speaking of Geocities... Anyone remember that lovely little popup window that used to come up while the Pagebuilder was loading? I used to have time to have lunch before it finally loaded. Oh, the joys of dial-up... Anyway, I then moved onto Microsoft Publisher (oh dear) and FrontPage (...yep) before I realised that I actually knew how to write HTML without the need for a WYSIWYG editor.

By 2003, I found I could make layouts, too. By "layouts" I mean the type of thing that was popular then - mostly stock images plastered with 87554376967 Photoshop brushes. I was particularly proud of this one (oh dear God...) and this one (a few years later, admittedly... I had discovered the joy of CSS by then!). I had even got them to work in both IE and Firefox! Go me!

The point of this is that now, in 2012, knowing CSS 2 and HTML 4/XHTML 1 is really not that great. We're looking at HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, responsive design and lots of things that weren't around when I first started all this, and having had a break of sorts from all this webby business for the past few years, I find myself very much behind the times. I feel a bit weird about having to essentially relearn what I knew, but at the same time I find myself frustrated that I'm not quite up to date with everything. The same goes for PHP and Ruby - I learned PHP back when PHP 4 was just out, and Ruby/Rails when it was still on version 1.8.5/Rails 1.2. I've been dipping in and out and getting up to scratch where I can, but I still think I've got a long way to go. Now to find the time to do all this learning...

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