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1 post from December 2006

The Quilting Bee

You know, it's funny. If you had mentioned the Q*Bee to me last year, I'd have told you I had no interest whatsoever in it. I thought the members were elitist, very 'cliquey' and generally unfriendly. I thought you had to be an expert pixeller and all that. very wrong I was.

I got curious and started visiting people's quilts, and was admiring their patches and the activities that go on. I was seriously considering joining, but I didn't have a patch yet and didn't have time to make one, so I left it. Then, Jem became Queen Bee. Being as omgz i heartz jem!1!1! Jem was a friend and claims not to have any pixelling expertise, I thought I should probably start on making a trial patch to see how it went. I asked her what she thought of my efforts and she said it was good enough to join with :D Sooo, I applied, made my quilt and got accepted on May 24th. Since then, I've joined the BBS, traded patches with loads of people, won awards, participated in several activities and made a whole bunch of new friends. :)

If you've been putting off joining because of the same reasons I did, don't worry - no one is elitist, and you don't have to be able to pixel. You just have to be able to make a 40×40 patch. I started by filling up the square with a load of different coloured dots - then gradually started changing the colours and attempting to draw a bit more. This failed, but I ended up with a patch I'm actually quite proud of. I think that with a bit of practice, I could probably end up a better pixeller... And I'd have never discovered this 'talent' if it wasn't for the Q*Bee. :P

And no, I wasn't paid to write this - it's part of the Q*Bee blog day :)