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1 post from August 2007

Learning Ruby

Does anyone know of any resources (besides the Hackety Hack program and the official site) that can help me learn Ruby?

That and ASP are my biggest must-learn languages. I've already sort of got to grips with ASP though (VB ftw), but due to IIS being silly I can't actually test anything I've done :P

In other news, are you using the dodosmail form script? If so, did you know that not only is it susceptible to header injection (sending spam through the script to other people), but it is also vulnerable to remote file inclusion (which will get your site hacked, in other words). I've had loads of errors from bots looking to hack me through that script, urgh.
Switch to NL-PHPMail! ;)

Oh look, I've just noticed the date (in dd-mm-yy format) is 09/08/07. Heheheh.