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1 post from July 2007

Strange search queries

I've never really received many strange search engine queries, but for some reason I've started receiving loads in the last few weeks...

  1. who wrote my way
    Um, I have no idea where I have talked about that.
  2. my shift key is permanently stuck what do i do
    Unstick it?
  3. how do i hack ask&answer
    Answer: easily
  4. "disk error" ctrl alt del for reboot
    ...CTRL ALT DEL won't solve a problem if it's a disk error...
  5. how do i write my own cms
    With difficulty
  6. why did the weasel go pop?
    Because it did?
  7. things you never knew about music
    What can you never know about music...?

There are loads more but I can't be bothered to list them all :P

Ooh yay, my CMS is a year old! Ok, so not in its current state, but a year ago around this time (I made the first entry in the database on 28th July 2006, but that was after I'd done a few days' coding) is when I started work on it. Woooo

Edit on 29th July: Wow, they keep coming! Here are a few more from today:

  1. do the keys on my laptop come off
    Well how do you think people put them on if they don't come off?
  2. phone number on net culprit
  3. hello may i speak with the owner
    No. Go away.
  4. how to use cutenews
    How about reading the Readme file?
  5. my php scripts they are rubbish yes