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1 post from May 2007

"I wrote my own CMS!1!!"

It amazes me how many people claim to have written their own CMS. Really.

Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for those who can do it; it's not a task to take on lightly and it takes time to get right - you need a fair amount of programming knowledge and all that.

So when I come across people who rip off the GWG Build-A-Blog tutorial series word for word and claim to have written "their own CMS", it annoys me.

Firstly: No, you didn't write a CMS. You copied a load of code off a website, plonked it on your server, added your own layout and voilà! Instant CMS. Did you credit the tutorial? No. Did you change any of the defaults to make it even look like you wrote your own code? No.

Secondly: I know there are debates about this, however, to me, a CMS - Content Management System - is just that. It manages CONTENT. In my view, a CMS should be the central admin panel of your site, you should be able to add posts, pages, change settings, etc. If you use the Build-A-Blog tutorials, you aren't creating a CMS, you're creating a blogging platform.

I have absolutely no problem with those people who use Build-A-Blog for what it's for - building a blog. What I do have a problem with is people who copy the tutorials exactly as they are without bothering to read what each part does or why it's necessary and then claim they "wrote their own CMS". If you're going to do that, at least take out the default text I added to those tutorials, it'll look less obvious that way.

Edit: Ha! Jem wrote something along the same lines at the same time as me! OMG STEALER!!!11