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Growing up

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You know I started this NaBlo thingy by saying D was almost 5 months old? Yes, well, as it's almost the end of the month, I realised that he will of course turn 6 months in a week.

...wait, what? SIX MONTHS? How did that happen?

I was looking at a picture of a friend's newborn baby just the other day and it occurred to me then just how huge D is now - he's getting to the point where little old me is starting to struggle lifting him, and feeding him on my lap, where he used to fit quite nicely, sees an adventure with arms and legs that I hadn't even realised was happening until I compared with a picture of him at 6 weeks old.

Soon he'll be ready for weaning, getting mobile and becoming a fully independent little person. I look forward to it, if a little sad that my little man is growing faster than I'd like :P

Caption this

An interesting picture of Lucy and D from yesterday morning...

Lucy and D

(You can't really tell there but he's grabbed her back paw)

...well, I thought it was funny, anyway XD


Obligatory disclaimer: Lucy is a gentle cat who does not scratch, bite or swipe. This picture was taken in a controlled situation and it would not have taken place if I had any suspicion that she would harm D in any way (or vice versa!). Just in case anyone was wondering (which I'm sure you all were. You can sleep soundly tonight now :D ). Does anyone actually read these blurby bits? Who knows. Also, I like cake. Yup.

Things I've noticed as a parent

This is a mommy-blogger-esque entry. Forgive me :P

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