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Stating the obvious here, but this site's a bit dead and has been for years. You see, I first started this whole website-owning business 20 years ago (!) in the ages of dial-up internet, Geocities and Internet Explorer 4. I was a teenager, still at school with no real responsibilities and I had time for it to became my full-time hobby/obsession.

Problem is, now I have a Real Job, a family and actual adult responsibilities, so I don't have time to do casual internet hobby stuff now.

I won't be updating this site regularly any longer (who are we kidding, I haven't done so for at least 8 years...) nor will I ever be doing any sort of blogging again - I'm not, nor do I ever want to be, any sort of influencer or blogger.

I've removed a lot of the frankly embarrassing "content" posted over the years and will be archiving any useful articles I once wrote (if any?) and keeping them around if needed. Any coding I feel like sharing will be on GitHub (including my old scripts) but otherwise this'll be a static site for my development work from now on.

If you're still interested in following my general life updates then the best place is probably Instagram (@amelierosalyn), though be warned - I'm not very active.

Using one drive to backup Mac and PC

A few people have asked how I use one drive to backup both my Mac (using Time Machine) and my PC (using Windows Backup), so I thought I'd document it in case it's useful to anyone. There might be other guides on how to do this, but here's how I did it - it's fairly easy if you're familiar with partitioning, formatting and generally messing around with drive management. If you're like me and have both a PC and Mac, backing them both up to the same drive can be very convenient (though make sure you do backup elsewhere too, one drive for everything means if that drive dies, you've lost two computers' backups!). There are other backup options than the aforementioned defaults included with the OS, but I find they work well enough for me so I'm happy to use them :) Please also note that this is how I did this, and it is not the only way (or perhaps even the best way - I don't claim to be an expert at these things).

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Don't get caught out by phone scams

Most people are wise to so-called phishing scams, usually in the form of emails pretending to be from a reputable place such as a bank asking you to click a link to 'secure your account' or similar. Said link is usually a clone of the real site so that users feel comfortable entering in their confidential data. Of course, it all gets sent to scammers who go and use your details to commit fraud. Lovely.

It's not a new thing at all, but people are doing this over the phone too. A popular one that recently caught out a family member is that someone will call, ask for the householder by name, and proceed to tell them they are from Microsoft or 'Windows Support'. They may have the householder's email and/or home address (from where I have no idea; they may be using the local phone book or have the details sold onto them from other sources) and will gain the trust of the user by confirming these with them, proceeding then to tell the user their computer is infected by viruses and this must be fixed now or they will be fined/their computer will crash/other similar threats. Sounds like a classic scam, but due to the user being named it can catch people out - especially if they're computer illiterate.

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