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About Amelie

Hello, my name is Amélie. Pleased to meet you. I'm a web and applications developer from the UK.

I enjoy various geeky things; you won't find me far from my smartphone or my computer. I have been on the internet for a long time (far longer than you, most likely) under various names and with various websites.

What I do

By day, I'm a full stack Ruby on Rails developer. I do frontend and backend dev, unit and regression testing, deployment and support of Rails applications. I use all sorts of industry-standard tools and packages to do that, so whatever you work with, I probably know about it! All this is also available in PHP, Java and a fair few other flavours if that's more your thing.

I'm also rather handy with IT in general: I'll help you set up that new router or fancy new smart device. Need a new PC building or firewall configuring? Right here. *Waves hand*

Contact me

Please be aware of the following before you contact me:

I'm not accepting any guest-written/sponsored content, nor any related media enquires at this time.

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If you have trouble recognising the characters on this image, please email me directly at 'amelie' at