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Comment Guidance


Please be aware of the following points when commenting on blog posts on

  1. A name, valid email address and message are required. The email address will not be displayed to anyone but myself and is used for administrative purposes only.
  2. HTML code is not allowed and will be stripped. Similarly, anything after a "<" will also be stripped (since it is assumed to be HTML) - please do not use this character in your comments.
  3. First-time commenters must be approved before their comments will appear on a post. There is no need to resubmit your comment.
  4. I reserve the right to edit, delete or otherwise modify any comment at my discretion.
  5. Comments using obviously fake details (I know your website isn't I also know your email address isn't and that your parents did not name you "omg u suck so bad") will not be approved.
  6. Comments are checked for spam by the Akismet service. If your comment has been flagged as spam, it will show up in moderation. It has not been deleted.
  7. Comments containing childish insults will be deleted. If you disagree with any post, or with any comment made by another visitor, please make this known in a mature manner.
  8. Please note that all comments are public (once approved) and thus can be viewed by anyone. Do not post any private information or any other content that you do not wish to add to the public domain.
  9. Do not use the commenting system as an advertising service, a chatroom/forum or a place to add such comments as "Hi I like your site, bye!". Those are best left on the Guestblock.
  10. Comments are automatically closed on older posts. This is done to prevent spam and for general convenience; if you have a comment to add to any such article, please feel free to email it to me and I will add it for you.
  11. Comments are 'nofollowed'. This means that if you comment on this website, your URL will not be indexed by search engines, and neither will any links you post in the comment. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  12. Comment details are remembered on your computer through the use of cookies, if this option is selected when writing a comment ("remember my details"). These cookies are stored for ease of entering information and are in no way used to track you or your movements. By commenting on and selecting to have details remembered, you agree to the storage of cookies on your computer for this purpose.

Please see also: privacy policy.


This site's comments support bbCode. This is a limited version of HTML mainly used on forums, but due to its relative security, it's also a great alternative to letting potentially unsafe code through via HTML.

You may use the following tags in your comment:

The popular [url] tag is disabled. If you wish to leave a link, please leave the full URL - it will be converted automatically.