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Ooh look, I've got with the times and got this site all SSLed and stuff.

Excellent. And now back to ignoring it.

Edit: Or not. I made some long-awaited visual tweaks because apparently it isn't 2010 anymore and the web has moved on. Who knew?


So, today marks the last day on NaBloPoMo (hurrah, I hear you cry. How rude! :P )

A few people asked if I would do a bit of a review on this whole experience, so here's a quick little FAQ thing:

  1. Why did you do it?

    Well, for a few reasons really. The main one being that I've felt like I had nothing to blog about for months - years, even - and I wanted to get back into the swing of things. Did it help? Yes! I had a real problem where I felt held back by what others thought and this allowed me to think past that.

  2. What was the hardest part?

    Having something to write about. I had vague ideas every day, but nothing I really felt was worth publishing. I didn't want to post 'filler' so I went through past NaBlo prompt lists for inspiration.

  3. Did you cheat and schedule your posts in advance?

    I only did this with a few posts, like if I had a particularly long D-free moment and inspiration for posts and/or if I knew I'd be away the next day. In general though, they were all live.

  4. Why was everything posted at 6pm?

    Ah, that'll be my annoying edit-re-edit cycle :P I wrote most posts an hour or so before letting them go live, so I had time to fiddle with them as much as my perfectionism demanded. By 6 I was usually busy doing other things, so the version that was current at that time is the version that went out. Yes, I am weird. :P

  5. Will you update more frequently now?

    I'll try ;)

Yep, so there we go! I really enjoyed this challenge and definitely feel more inspired to write now. Hopefully I haven't bored you all too much with all this - maybe you even enjoyed it too :D

Do people still use feed readers?

I never really used a feed reader. I had all my bookmarks in a folder, and I'd open them all in tabs and visit each one manually to check for updates. Then I discovered Firefox's live bookmarks, and added my feeds there - I liked it because it meant I could keep up to date but it still sent me to the actual site to view the updates, so I kept up with new layouts and all that (when that sort of thing was popular, heh).

Now, I have 3 sites sat in there that never really update. It seems that the done thing now is to 'like' pages on Facebook or follow them on Twitter - I've followed suit with most of the sites I used to follow through a feed, and kind of forget about the ones that are still sat in the live bookmarks. So do people still use the likes of Google Reader etc, or do you prefer to get everything all at once through social media?

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