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Stating the obvious here, but this site's a bit dead and has been for years. You see, I first started this whole website-owning business 20 years ago (!) in the ages of dial-up internet, Geocities and Internet Explorer 4. I was a teenager, still at school with no real responsibilities and I had time for it to became my full-time hobby/obsession.

Problem is, now I have a Real Job, a family and actual adult responsibilities, so I don't have time to do casual internet hobby stuff now.

I won't be updating this site regularly any longer (who are we kidding, I haven't done so for at least 8 years...) nor will I ever be doing any sort of blogging again - I'm not, nor do I ever want to be, any sort of influencer or blogger.

I've removed a lot of the frankly embarrassing "content" posted over the years and will be archiving any useful articles I once wrote (if any?) and keeping them around if needed. Any coding I feel like sharing will be on GitHub (including my old scripts) but otherwise this'll be a static site for my development work from now on.

If you're still interested in following my general life updates then the best place is probably Instagram (@amelierosalyn), though be warned - I'm not very active.

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