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Privacy & disclaimer

What information this website collects about you uses a statistics package called Matomo to track user activity. This program tracks the following:

Additionally, the following user-submitted details are recorded:

These are only recorded if you have left a comment on the site.

All of this information is traced through the use of cookies and stored in a database. Cookies relating to comment data are only stored if the option to "remember details" is set when submitting a comment.

Visitor data is automatically cleared from the database four weeks from the time of your last visit; comments are retained permanently.

How your information is used

User-submitted comments, including name, email address and IP address, are sent to the third-party Akismet service to check for spam. Additionally, an encrypted version of user-submitted email addresses are used to retrieve an image from the Gravatar service. These services are run by Automattic; please see their privacy policy for more information on how they use this data.

Visitor information recorded by tracking software on this site is strictly for informational purposes only and contains no personally identifiable information other than that willingly submitted by users through comments. This is collected in order to see which parts of the site are the most popular and how to go improving other areas.

If you are concerned at any time about the use of your data on this site, please contact me. You may also choose to request any and all data held about you and/or the deletion thereof.

This website respects Do Not Track and does not track users who enable this feature. You may also choose to disable tracking.

By commenting on this site with details set to be remembered or leaving tracking enabled you agree to the storage of cookies on your computer which will be read each time you access this site.

Please note: I will never sell or otherwise distribute your details or site usage statistics.

Please see also: comment guidance.


The following sites are responsible for resources used on this site:

* Denotes a referral link for which I may receive compensation


This site contains a personal weblog ("blog") written and edited by Amelie F. With the exception of moderated feedback ("comments") from visitors, views and opinions expressed on this site are solely those of Amelie F. These in no way reflect the views of any site linking to or linked from or any individuals or organisations mentioned therein. Similarly, these opinions are not those of the domain registrar, of any hosting company with which the site is or has been hosted, or of any organisation or website with which Amelie F or are in any way connected.

Amelie F is not responsible for the content or quality of any external websites. Websites linked to from are linked to in the hope that they will be useful but no guarantee is made of their ability to fulfil this condition.

Comments published on this website are solely the opinion of the comment author. While comments are moderated, this site welcomes debate and authors are entitled to opinions which may differ from the overall tone of the site.
Authenticity of any claim made in comments cannot be guaranteed.

All work displayed on this site unless listed above ("credits") is that of Amelie F. Scripts and other materials not made by Amelie F are used with permission or within the terms of the product's licence. If you have reason to believe otherwise, please make this known.

PHP scripts offered on this site ("PHPAskIt") are offered "as is". No guarantee is made of their security and ability to respond to users' needs. All possible efforts have been undertaken to ensure minimal problems, however scripts are written with personal and self-taught experience only and are not backed by any professional organisation. Scripts are offered on the basis that users install them at their own risk.

This site uses cookies to track user information as detailed in the privacy policy (above). Cookies related to tracking are non-identifiable and those relating to comment details contain only data that has already been shared with Tracking can be bypassed by opting out at any time. In cases where tracking is left enabled and/or a comment is left on the site, users agree to the storage of cookies within their browsers for these purposes.

This is an ad-free blog. This means that:
This site and its owner do not, have never, and will never accept any advertising, sponsorship, insertions or any other related media offers of any kind, whether these are paid opportunities or otherwise.

All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied.
Unless otherwise stated, content is believed at time of writing to be correct and original.

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